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Preparing for the future with commitment and common sense 

This is my Campaign Platform as a candidate for Member of the Collier County School Board, District 3
 My primary goals are:  
  • Holding the Superintendent accountable for the statutes and policies of the state and of the board through the establishment and qualification of achievable goals, with the customary annual review that includes thrice-yearly updates to assure focused concentration; this is one of only the few jobs of the board and it is essential

  • Making certain the Superintendent's board-established goals are fair and achievable; this will result in a harmonious approach to successful implementation of all facets of the state- and locally-initiated curriculum; all of us will be on the same page.

  • Maintaining fiscal responsibility and accountability through the superintendent; with careful board review of the superintendent's programs and staying within the required curriculum and avoiding allocations for exploratory or experimental activities, we can be assured that the limited funds available during these times will be used to educate students. Budgeting that places teaching as the primary expense activity and concentrates on student achievement; if funds are very limited and reducing administrative staff is deemed by the superintendent as not possible or likely, then we must find ways to incorporate added duties into the job descriptions of those who supervise or manage as administrators to assure we do not add jobs to other than the teaching staff.

  • Limiting and/or terminating programs that have shown to be ineffective or limited as to "benefit versus expense" will be needed to offset the oncoming extraordinary expense due to the Class Size Amendment strict requirements implemented in full in the years to follow.

  • Finding a way to assure adequate compensation for all teachers and direct-educational staff, rather than dealing with the almost constant state of angst between the District and staff; even in uncertain times, such as these, we can plan better; we can share the truth about the extent of limited revenue and all District personnel will realize the impact and more responsibly accept those conditions that impact salaries and benefits.

  • Revisit ESE and other critical programs to focus on Improving the means to carry out the state's requirements to educate all students regardless of their needs.

  • Seek to rehire a Certified Internal Auditor, reporting directly to the board, who will be charged with the duty to review, on a systematic basis, multiple evaluations of financial and operational processes, risks and procedures as initiated in the annual budget to assure that programmed items are in place and functioning as projected; this is the means to help the board and the superintendent by providing the board with the objective findings helping us in formulating and restructuring policies that make sense and help improve the educational climate for all.

Reg Buxton, your candidate for School Board Member, District 3, Collier County  

Paid Pol. Adv. by the Reg Buxton for Collier County School Board, District 3 Campaign Fund.

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